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Wandeegroup Business Line And Services
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd offers concept, draft and preliminary design, schematic design and design development, comprehensive planning, building approval, model making, CGI and animation as well as technical solutions with in-depth technical knowledge for all building types. For more information enter wandeegroup.com or login to Wandeegroup Display with your personal PIN.
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is a full service construction company located in Pattaya. We deliver projects of up to 12 floors and 10,000 m² per building in the Chon Buri Province. Our services include construction management and supervision. Special projects designed by architect Mario Kleff for construction in Phuket and Koh Samui are possible on request.
Content of Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd is being updated.
Wandeegroup Principles In Business
Deliver any project fast and unique on demand.
The best time to plan for larger, more imaginative projects is right now.
Wandeegroup Design And Construction
Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd and architect Mario Kleff designed the 38-story Wong Amat Tower, also called Wongamat Tower and W-Tower, located in Pattaya Nuea, and planned and built the 10-story exhibition building. For more information on the project enter Wandeegroup Wong Amat Tower or view construction of the Wong Amat Tower.
Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd and architect Mario Kleff designed and built the Park Royal series, including the 8-story Park Royal 1, the 8-story Park Royal 2 with steel frame and cellular beam, the Park Royal 3 consisting of two separate 8-story buildings, and Laguna Bay. For more information visit cellular beam construction.
Architect Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup (Thailand) Company Limited planned and built the 8-story Laguna Heights. For more information enter Laguna Heights.
Architect Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd planned the Suan Sawarn residential complex with 13 buildings in Jomtien and supervised the construction of phase 1. For more information vist Wandeegroup and Suan Sawarn.
Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd and architect Mario Kleff launched Mario Kleff - The Touch ®. After the planning permit was granted, construction began in 2011.
Architect Mario Kleff and Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd planned and redesigned the Thakhek Dream Wold City on 7 hectares of land For more information Thakhek Dream World City.
Wandeegroup History And Now
"Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd prides itself on providing the very best in architecture and engineering services, including professional construction, in the Chonburi area of Thailand. We have excellent designs and can provide all necessary pre and post construction permits. Architect Mario Kleff and the Wandeegroup will push the technical possibilities of building construction to their limits in order to meet your requirements from timeless to ultra-modern design. We have a proven track record and a world-class international clientele." - Nittaya Wongsin

  • 2003: Founding of Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd.
  • 2004: Wandeegroup (Thailand) Company Limited is established to provide architectural and engineering services for all types of buildings.
  • 2005: Business expansion into building construction.
  • 2007: Wandeegroup introduced the cellular beam in Thailand and only one year later received approval for construction with cellular beam of 41 meter between two columns in a 8-story residential building - a record in Thailand. Park Royal 2 was the first multi-storey condominium to be built with cellular beam and post-tensioned concrete floors.
  • 2009: Design contracts for international real estate developments.
  • 2010: Wandeegroup presented their first development, Mario Kleff The Touch ®. Wandeegroup has been commissioned with construction projects worth over 1 billion baht.
  • 2015: With the birth of the leopards Fasai and Typhoon, Wandeegroup office doors were closed to the public.
  • 2017: Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd added 300,000,000 baht to the value of the capital registration.
  • 2018: Wandeegroup is back on the market with major architectural designs.
  • 2021: Wandeegroup is back in construction business with three luxury villas.
  • June, 2021 Wandeegroup Asia Company Limited incorporated date, capital registration value 5,000,000 baht.
Wandeegroup Feedback
  • "What brings them up to being a top architect firm, they can deliver any project fast and unique on demand." - Haim Bar-David, CEO of Heights Holdings

  • "Within just one week - a master plan with exterior designs and final technical specifications for more than six condominium buildings." - Gordon Gillen, President of TAG Group

  • "Unseen in 25 years property development...! The professionalism and attention to detail of the architect Mario Kleff is unparalleled in Pattaya." - John Sheehan, Managing Director, Bang Saray Development

  • "The Wandeegroup is a leading architect firm which has submitted and received the highest amount of construction permits in recent years." - Pichet Uthaiwattananonta, Head of the Construction Department Pattaya City from 2006-2011.
Thakhek Dream World City
    Mario Kleff is the architect of Thakhek Dream World City. Architect Mario Kleff was commissioned as Bhumeth Issarasilp with Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd from Akane Farm Sole Co Ltd to redesign the entire project on 7 hectares with 5 high-rise buildings and 1 shopping complex. Wandee Real Estate and Services Co. Ltd. was contracted to build Tower A and Tower B of Phase 1, including overseeing the entire construction of Phase 1. Mario Kleff and Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd started with soil surveys and pilling preparations and foundation structures. The project was later put on hold in 2020.
Mario Kleff - The Touch ®
    Mario Kleff - The Touch ® was the first approved high-rise in Thailand with a two-pillar structure and a span of 25.00 between the pillars. It still is in 2021. Architect Mario Kleff designed large cellular steel box girders and prefabricated concrete columns to hold the building in place. The building is called Touch because of its feature to control the entire building system from smartphone and tablet. Mario Kleff - The Touch ® is protected by trademark.
Wong Amat Tower
    Mario Kleff is the architect of the Wong Amat Tower, also called Wongamat Tower and W-Tower located in Pattaya Nuea, comprises of a single 38-story building with 361 units, which was completed in 2015. The Wong Amat Tower project was proposed by Mario Kleff in early 2008. After Haim Bar-David, CEO of Heights Holdings, acquired the property, Mario Kleff designed the Wong Amat Tower, including planning, structural and system drawings, interiors and including the first free-standing exhibition building in Pattaya with a height of 27 meter. The structure of the Wong Amat Tower was planned with steel frame and long-span cellular beams.
The Wong Amat Tower designed in 2008/2009 was one of the 10-tallest buildings in Pattaya. According to Emporis, the Wong Amat Tower is one of the 20 tallest buildings in Pattaya in 2021.