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Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd: A Legacy of Excellence in Architecture

Updated: 09-09-2023

Evolution from Wandeegroup (Thailand) to Wandeegroup Asia

Formerly known as Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd between 2004 to 2018, Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd emerged from its roots in Pattaya to focus primarily on architectural design and construction.

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Milestone Expansions in 2021 & 2022

After an illustrious 18-year journey in the architectural realm, the company diversified its portfolio in:

Historic Achievements and Pioneering Leaders

Founded in 2004, Wandeegroup quickly made a mark by registering as a standout construction company in Pattaya. The visionary architect, Mario Kleff, known for iconic structures like the Wongamat Tower, Laguna Heights condominium, and Park Royal series, co-founded the firm.

Nittaya Wongsin, Mario Kleff's business partner and spouse, has been steering the ship as the Chief Operating Officer since the inception of Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd in 2003. Explore some of the monumental Wandeegroup projects on Google My Maps.

From an underdog to an industry titan, Mario Kleff's architectural journey between 2005 to 2023 is unparalleled. Delve into his life story in his autobiography: Mario Kleff - Without Fear: Childhood.

Innovation and Branding in Modern Architecture

Recognized for its modern architectural flair and distinctive structures, Wandeegroup Asia, founded in 2021, excels in both construction and real estate development. Mario Kleff® Signature helms the design wing, while Wandee Super Span™ focuses on engineering marvels, particularly in structures boasting long spans and post-tensioning concrete.

The brand essence of Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff resonates with construction and signature architecture in Pattaya. Since January 2023, Mario Kleff, as a trailblazing designer on Thailand's east coast, holds the distinction of a trademark.

Witness the pinnacle of construction quality and pace with Wandeegroup Asia. Experience their latest real estate gem, Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas, on YouTube and explore the project details.

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