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Founded in 2003


Wandeegroup Architecture

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The Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been in operation since the beginning of 2004.

Numerous projects have been designed and built including condominiums, resorts, hotels, department stores and villas.


Wandee Real Estate Service

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The Wandee Real Estate & Services Co., Ltd. has been in operation since of 2003..

The roots of this company go deep into the local Chonburi and Pattaya communities as well as into government relations.

Kleff Visual Design

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Introduction to one of Pattaya's greatest architects - Mario Kleff. "We all prefer quality, and Wandeegroup architecture is about the quality of the space. Architecture should improve people's lives, especially urbanites in a hurry. Good building design should not only solve practical problems, but also evoke emotions The architect has a responsibility, because what he builds should stay on earth for a long time. This responsibility concerns us with civil society, because it is pointless to develop something beautiful if the needs of the user are not taken into account. Mario Kleff refers that real estate has a high tangible asset value. "There will always be value in land and home." Not so long ago the proletariat was given the now highly acclaimed condominiums, the bourgeoisie moved into penthouses, and the nobles actually lived in beautiful mansions and castles. Condominium projects must be developed to achieve that value of historical quality and style including textures, colors and contrasts in harmony with lines, proportions and patterns. These are the ideas of Mario Kleff, CEO of the Wandeegroup. Architect Mario Kleff. "It is time for Gründerzeit. Architecture is the framework for our world. As the world evolves, architecture must respond to new challenges without forgetting to reconcile the future with the past. Architecture is the framework of our lives and an integral part of the concept of society. It is often seen as an expression or product of our culture, but it is also the very breeding ground of the culture itself. The Wandeegroup can now provide a wide range of knowledge about world-class civil engineering and the construction of all types of buildings. Wandeegroup engineers consider it very creative and bring quality to the real estate market. The Wandeegroup offers luxurious pool villas and exclusive beachfront villas in Pattaya, Phuket and Samui. The Wandeegroup recently designed a premium rehab facility in Thailand. The Wandeegroup works well with 8-story constructions and can be delivered quickly and efficiently. Mario Kleff emphasizes the use of the most modern solutions to improve the quality and properties of villas and condominiums. “Good architectural design is reflected in the construction technology.” The Wandeegroup can also provide suitable land plots to develop your new home or resort. Our high-performance agents and service-oriented brokers bring the best possible property to your real estate project. Move to the islands - The Wandeegroup has stunning mountain and beachfront villas in Phuket and Samui, ready to be built by architect Mario Kleff. Seismic resistance and the design of unique skyscrapers are planned. We have selected technical challenges that can be realistically overcome through creativity and commitment. Buy Now: Pool Villa Starting Price $ 1,000,000 USD. Open spaces, large lawns, and huge pools embody dreams in a style that only such homes can reflect. Mario Kleff's article Bold! ... full of character: The use of distinctive design elements for residential buildings “Great house design is reflected in the technology. We use structural elements to enhance the character of the building. Just like the Sky Villa designed by the Wandeegroup - a new home experience. When looking for a new place to live, aim for the stars. We can provide you with a breathtaking house to improve the feeling of living. Experience a sumptuous living room: 58 meters of pillar-free sea views and beach life is fantastic. We designed the ultimate villa to take advantage of rare and expensive lots. Additional tags: project developer, Merits Asia, architectural design, engineering, CGI, VFX, animation, scale model, building permit, construction service, cellular beam, post-tension, bridge engineering, Deutscher Architekt Mario Kleff, civil engineering, 3D, miniature, Haus, minimalist, industrial, brutalist, skyscraper, resort, hotel, high-rise condominium, Hochaus, luxurious mountain and beachfront villas, luxurious pool villas, Elegante Villen mit Schwimmbad, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, real estate brokers, Wandee Real Estate & Services, Immobilienmarkler, Merits Partners, fresh design, interiors, loft style, modern, exclusive, villas, homes, sea-view, mountain view, land for sale, high quality, efficient, fast, results, high performance, computer, renderfarm. Book an appointment with architect Mario Kleff Phone +66 64 319 6283, Email thiti@merits.asia , speaks English, Thai, German, Chinese & Korean"